AI-Powered Twitch Chat Bot - Stream Chat A.I.

Frequently Asked Questions

This list is continually being updated - if your question isn't answered here, please jump in the Discord and ask!

Do my tests use my message allowance?

No, when testing on the site, tokens are not used. You can test as many messages as you like, and it will not affect your message tokens. This is subject to possible change in the future, should there be abuse of this system.

How do I start the bot?

When you go live, the bot will boot up and join your channel. This usually takes around a minute to occur, as we have to wait for the Twitch webhook to notify us of you going live, and then a small amount of time for the bot to boot up.

Alternatively, you can manually boot your bot using the button above the sidebar. Please note; your bot will check your channel every 5 minutes to see if it your stream is online. If it detects your channel is offline, it will shut down. You can boot it back up from here, or if your Twitch stream goes online, it will boot back up.

How do I know when my bot has joined my channel?

In the contexts section, you can add a welcome message for your bot. At the point your bot joins the channel, it will say whatever you have set in the welcome message. You can also set a goodbye message - however please note that we again have to wait for Twitch to tell us your stream has gone offline, so this can take a couple of moments.

My bots messages aren't showing up in my chat!

This can sometimes happen if you're using another Twitch account for your bot, and what your permissions are for chatters. If you've made it so only verified accounts can talk, and your bot account isn't verified - that can sometimes be the problem. Your bot should have mod privileges in your channel, and you should be able to add that to an exemption list for verified chatters.

What happens if two of my recurring message groups conflict?
This can happen, for example, if you have a recurring message group set at 5 minutes, and 10 minutes. At the 10-minute mark, the 5-minute group will also trigger. Currently, both of these groups will output their messages at the same time. We are working on a solution to this, but for now, please be aware of this.
I created an account, and I'm using MyAiBot - but now want my own custom one.
If you head over into the Account page, there is an option to migrate your account to a custom bot. This is a paid feature.
I've got a 500 error when trying to do something.
Ah. Sorry about that. It's likely something has broken that we've not accounted for. While we're still in beta, there are possibilities of this happening. Please jump in the Discord and let us know, and we'll get it fixed as soon as possible. If you don't have Discord, you can email us here instead.
Can the bot respond to Channel Challenges?

Unfortunately, this isn't available on the Twitch API currently. We are keeping an eye on this, and will look to implement it as soon as it becomes available. If you'd like to help, you can vote for the feature on the Twitch UserVoice site here

I have a feature idea, can you develop it into the bot?

That's great to hear! Your best bet is to jump into the Discord and share it in there. While it's not guaranteed that we will develop it, or that it's possible, we will certainly consider it! We are also working on a roadmap, so you can see what we are working on, and what we have planned - this is currently kept up-to-date in the Discord.